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New Fiat 600e : The return of FIAT to the B segment, in electric form

Nouvelle Fiat 600e
New Fiat 600e: The return of FIAT to the B segment, in electric form

New Fiat 600e: The return of FIAT to the B segment, in electric form

  • FIAT returns to the B segment with the New Fiat 600e, for increased driving pleasure,

  • With generous dimensions (4.17 m long), the best front storage space in its category and an improved electric range of more than 400 km in the WLTP mixed cycle and more than 600 km in the urban cycle, it represents the solution ideal for city lovers as well as outdoor activity enthusiasts,

  • Iconic on the outside, Dolce Vita on the inside, the New Fiat 600e perfectly expresses Italian beauty and lifestyle. This is thanks to a refreshing design and features such as chromotherapy and massage function for a truly multi-sensory experience,

  • Equipped with latest generation safety and assistance functions, it offers the advantages of 100% electric urban and extra-urban mobility combined with level 2 autonomous driving,

  • Considered the authentic big sister of New Fiat 500, it embodies the next 100% electric FIAT icon,

  • The two launch versions: New Fiat 600e La Prima, and New Fiat (600e)RED, more accessible, for customers looking for a mobility solution that is both ethical and affordable.

FIAT continues its action in favor of urban and sustainable mobility and presents the New Fiat 600e, a formidable asset for the brand which marks its return to the B segment. It does so by incorporating everything that makes the B segment strong and by improving it: more space, more autonomy, more Dolce Vita. In other words, the New Fiat 600e takes the best of the B segments to offer a driving experience that is at once pleasant, joyful and refined.

After the success of its predecessor and best-seller, the Fiat 600 of the 1950s, also known as the family and accessible car par excellence, the New Fiat 600e places itself at the heart of a booming B segment.

The new Fiat 600e represents the ideal solution for city dwellers and lovers of outdoor activities; it is the perfect embodiment of the brand’s values, namely a very Italian style and respect for the environment. It is both beautiful and fresh. It has generous dimensions (4.17 m long), roominess allowing it to comfortably accommodate five people, and the best front storage space in its category. It has an electric range of more than 400 km in the WLTP mixed cycle and more than 600 km in the WLTP urban cycle. Finally, it offers the latest generation of safety equipment.

Available at launch in two fully electric versions, New Fiat 600e La Prima and New Fiat (600e)RED, it represents a user-friendly solution for families who want to fully experience the Italian Dolce Vita.

Nouvelle Fiat 600e la prima

New Fiat 600e

Available in a 5-door version, the new Fiat 600e offers exceptional roominess with its 5 seats and 15 liters of interior storage volume. Passengers can store their personal belongings in the central tunnel, in the front seat pockets and in the storage spaces located at the front of the vehicle. The trunk is also generous, with a loading capacity of 360 liters.

In addition to the available space, the model is characterized by excellent electrical performance. The lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 54 kWh give the New Fiat 600e a range of more than 400 km in the WLTP mixed cycle and more than 600 km in the urban cycle, making the New Fiat 600e the ideal vehicle both for daily use in the city as well as for weekend getaways.

To optimize charging time, New Fiat 600e is equipped with a 100 kW fast charging system allowing the battery to be quickly recharged. For example, it only takes 27 minutes to go from 20% to 80% charge. The car also comes standard with an 11 kW on-board charger and a Mode 3 cable for charging at home or in public places, ensuring a full charge in less than 6 hours.

The engine, with a power of 115 kW (156 hp), ensures acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.0 seconds. New Fiat 600e offers three driving modes – eco, normal, sport – selectable according to the desired driving style.

A hybrid engine will complete the engine offering in the first quarter of 2024.

Iconic on the outside, Dolce Vita on the inside

New Fiat 600e, considered the authentic big sister of New Fiat 500, takes its name from the 1955 version and brings all the freshness of Italian style. Its exterior and interior design perfectly reflects Italian beauty and the philosophy of La Dolce Vita. In short, New Fiat 600e offers true sensory pleasure, rooted in the brand’s Italian DNA.

Compared to New Fiat 500, its look is characterized by a sharper front end, the “600” name in chrome at the front and on the rocker panels, as well as a completely reworked LED lighting signature.

The exterior appearance, both elegant and dynamic, is enhanced by 18” diamond-cut alloy wheels in La Prima finish, matte black skirts and wheel arches, while the Italian style is found even in the flag Italian embossed in the rear bumper.

Its exterior lines are embellished with elements that give it charm: glossy black details, chrome touches, shiny rear lights.

Inside, New Fiat 600e perfectly embodies the Italian Dolce Vita and the pop soul of the brand, offering several equipment designed to provide an optimal well-being experience.

Passengers can select up to 8 different colors to personalize the ambient lighting and the 10.25” touch screen, with a total of 64 possible combinations, for a unique experience in terms of chromatic ambiance.

The driver’s seat is equipped with 6-way electrical adjustment and a back massage function. New Fiat 600e also offers ivory-colored soft touch seats adorned with the FIAT monogram with turquoise accents and a three-level heating system for maximum comfort and refinement.

Velor floor mats, 40/60 rear seats, USB type A and type C + type C in row 2, wireless charger for smartphone and keyless opening with proximity sensor complete the vehicle’s equipment.

Nouvelle Fiat 600e la prima

Augmented technology: cutting-edge security features and connectivity

New Fiat 600e is equipped with the latest generation of safety and assistance devices. It offers level 2 assisted driving.

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) allows you to brake or accelerate depending on traffic; the Intelligent Speed Assistance system detects speed limits and recommends their enforcement, while the Blind Spot Detection system uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor blind spots and warn of the presence of obstacles with warning lights lights located on the exterior mirrors.

Among the cutting-edge technological equipment are, the electric parking brake, autonomous emergency braking for detection of cyclists and pedestrians, as well as drowsiness detection to monitor the driver’s concentration level. Finally, the 360° sensors and the 180° reversing camera with dynamic grid allow you to avoid obstacles during parking maneuvers or complex maneuvers.

In terms of comfort and connectivity, New Fiat 600e is equipped with several equipment designed to make every journey more comfortable: electric tailgate with hands-free opening, driver’s seat with massage function, 4 electric windows, automatic air conditioning, rain sensors and brightness.

A 6-speaker audio system, a 10.25” touch screen with navigation system – fully customizable, wireless Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM smartphone connectivity, a 7” digital instrument panel and UConnectTM Services connected services complete the offer.

In order to help users on a daily basis, New Fiat 600e offers UConnectTM Services connected services, in particular voice commands to communicate with the on-board connected navigation, the TomTom navigation system, whose maps – automatically updated, display the stations of charging stations available on the route and provide real-time information on free parking spaces available on public roads.

The FIAT application also allows you to benefit from increased comfort. Numerous controls are available to remotely operate certain vehicle functions: lighting, horn, centralized opening/closing of doors, heating or air conditioning.

The top of the range La Prima and the most committed version (RED)

Perfectly adapted to the specific needs of young customers looking for an ethical and ecological mobility solution, the New Fiat (600e)RED represents a more accessible version and constitutes a new milestone in the partnership launched in 2021 with (RED).

In line with Nouvelle (500)RED, its mission is to be “useful to people and useful to the planet”: it is in fact 100% electric, for total respect for the environment and thus contribute to a more sustainable future. sustainable. This mission now goes further with (RED), the organization founded in 2006 to fight AIDS.

New Fiat (600e)RED adopts the red color (free color) as its signature, on the exterior – from the body to the “600” logos at the front and “Fiat” at the rear, as well as inside – Plate red edge and red patterns on the exclusive recycled fabric seats. The magnetic cover (RED) of the central tunnel is another nod to this partnership. Two other Pastel colors are available to personalize it further: Onyx Black and Ice White.

New Fiat 600e La Prima offers 100% style, technology and comfort to guarantee an immersive experience worthy of the Italian Dolce Vita. It is available in 4 different metallic colors that recall the richness of Italy and its natural landscapes: Sun of Italy Orange, Earth of Italy Sand, Sea of Italy Blue, Sky of Italy Green.

Orders for New Fiat (600e)RED and La Prima will be open from Wednesday July 5 and the first units will arrive in France in September.