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The new Porsche Center Paris Ouest has opened its doors in Poissy.

Porsche Center Paris Ouest
The new Porsche Paris West Center opened its doors in Poissy

Center Porsche Paris Ouest has opened its doors in Poissy.

Porsche France announces the opening of a new Porsche Paris West Center on the outskirts of Paris. This new showcase dedicated to Porsche passion will be managed by the Porsche distribution subsidiary in France: Porsche Distribution SAS. It constitutes a new anchor point for the brand in western Paris.

Porsche Center Paris West new architectural concept “Destination Porsche”.

Keen to immerse customers and visitors in the world of the brand, this new Porsche Center displays the new face of the brand thanks to the brand new “Destination Porsche” architectural concept. On more than 8,000 m2, Porsche offers here a total renewal of the car dealership focused essentially on experience. The interaction with the customer begins with a showroom of new generation vehicles, augmented by a fully customizable digital experience. It is accompanied by a space dedicated to personalization where we find the DNA of the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur house. This new Porsche Center also benefits from a used Porsche vehicle showroom with a capacity of around twenty vehicles showcased under a huge well of natural light.

The customer experience at the heart of the concept.

Like automotive design, space planning is dynamic and modular, with precise layout and points of contact. The customer’s immersion continues, for example, in the delivery lounge called “Owner’s Collection”, a refined room which offers an exclusive setting to the customer

while getting hold of your new vehicle. “Porscheplatz” constitutes the heart of the dealership and the brand’s friendly meeting place thanks to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of its bar and lounges. Visitors can also discover all Porsche Lifestyle products in a dedicated space.

le nouveau Porsche Paris Ouest a ouvert ses portes à Poissy

This new setting also allows customers and visitors to immerse themselves in the after-sales world of the brand. It notably has two new generation after-sales reception areas for a high-end experience as well as a mechanical workshop meeting the latest quality standards made up of 14 bridges. Added to this is a multi-material bodywork service and a High Voltage battery repair center to ensure the maintenance of all the brand’s models. To reinforce the conviviality of the premises, the customer is invited to participate in the life of the Porsche Center thanks to large bay windows offering an immersive view of the “kitchens”, the workshop, in which the technicians trained by the brand work.

“Porsche Werk 1”: new exclusive and private lounge.

The Paris West Porsche Center becomes, with this opening, one of the largest French Porsche Centers, allowing it to offer exceptional services like the “Porsche Werk 1”: a show in the image of the first Porsche factory in Stuttgart. This private lounge is ideal for welcoming Porsche communities, organizing events but also for special discussions with customers. The Porsche Paris West Center also hosts, in a completely dedicated wing, the Porsche France technical training school, which will welcome network employees, particularly technical ones, from the country’s Porsche (Service) Centers throughout the year.

Marc Meurer, President of Porsche France and Porsche Distribution: “This new Porsche Paris West Center has been designed to be a place to live for our customers and enthusiasts of the brand. With this architectural concept “Destination Porsche” we want to grow this passion by offering a friendly, designer place focused on experience. This opening in Poissy confirms the importance for the brand of physical distribution, which we always want to be more personalized with our customers, while relying on a 360° digital experience: from online sales to personalization tools in showroom.”