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Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo , the dream car forged by the Grandi Complicazioni team

Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo, the dream car forged by the Grandi Complicazioni team
“Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo, la voiture de rêve forgée par l'équipe Grandi Complicazioni”

Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo, the dream car forged by the Grandi Complicazioni team

  • Pagani Automobili reveals some of the technical characteristics of the Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo.

  • Featuring a new Pagani V12 engine with 840 HP and 1080 Nm of torque associated with a seven-speed transverse Xtrac sequential gearbox.

  • Adapted to a monocoque frame made with the innovative Carbo-Triax HP62 and Carbo-Titanium HP62 G2

  • The iconic Paganis six-pipe exhaust system generates an unmistakable sound.

  • Some exterior elements are capable of improving the concept of aerodynamic efficiency.

  • The Huayra Dinamica Evo was created by Pagani Grandi Complicazioni, the multidisciplinary division of designers and engineers dedicated to special projects.

Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo, la voiture de rêve forgée par l'équipe Grandi Complicazioni

Pagani Automobili is pleased to provide more technical information regarding Horacio Pagani’s latest custom creation: the Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo, a unique car built by the Pagani Grandi Complicazioni team. This car will allow its owner to join an exclusive group of special project car owners.
Horacio Pagani, the founder and chief designer of Pagani Automobiles, said: “The Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo is one of the greatest achievements ever achieved by the multidisciplinary Pagani Grandi Complicazioni division, which creates priceless unique pieces and makes dreams come true of our best customers.

Designed by the wind and forged with the world’s most innovative materials

The Huayra Dinamica Evo draws its inspiration from the Huayra BC Roadster and represents the culmination of the latest aerodynamic research carried out by Pagani. Every line and every surface has been designed to generate the greatest aerodynamic load possible. This vision has been beautifully realized with several updates to the bodywork, including the air intake, rear spoiler, wing as well as specific customizations to the front and rear.

The car’s frame is a monocoque made of Carbo-Triax HP62 and Carbo-Titanium HP62 G2, allowing an increase in torsional rigidity of 12% and 20% in bending compared to the state of the art Huayra Roadster . This improvement in the mechanical properties of the materials and the rigidity of the chassis allows for better dynamic response of the vehicle as well as greater safety in situations of increased mechanical stress.

Even the wheels of this new Hypercar have been designed using Pagani’s most advanced technical knowledge in order to achieve both superior performance and safety. The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires (265/30 R20 for the front and 355/25 R21 for the rear) guarantee levels of grip and performance never before seen on a road-legal car. The asymmetrical tread design was developed through motorsport experiences.

The new alloy wheels have been forged from a monolithic block of aluminum to ensure the strength and durability needed for high-performance track use. Designers maintained the iconic Roadster styling while increasing the front size to improve performance. The Huayra Dinamica rim set measures 10J x 20″ ET 48 for the front size and 13J x 21″ ET 11.25 for the rear size, ensuring maximum grip and stability on the road.

Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo, la voiture de rêve forgée par l'équipe Grandi Complicazioni

The cutting-edge engineering of the Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo

Under the rear hood is a mechanical marvel: the legendary Pagani V12 engine which, on this Hypercar, develops 840 hp for 1080 Nm of torque and one of the best power/weight ratios in the category. The power and elasticity of this engine is so high that it glues the driver and passenger to their seats.
The Pagani V12 engine of the Huayra Dinamica Evo incorporates a series of innovations such as a larger diameter on the intercooler system and a new turbocharger. Thanks to the update of its sophisticated electronics, it is also possible to use new features that improve handling, engine response and power build-up.
The Xtrac seven-speed automatic transverse sequential gearbox is a technological gem that transfers all the power and exceptional responsiveness of the engine to the road. The flywheel-clutch unit consists of a three-plate clutch, an electronically controlled differential and a racing-style tripod driveshaft.
The new suspension unit is also a point of pride for Pagani Automobili. It features forged aluminum independent double wishbones, coil springs and electronically controlled shock absorbers. Interconnected with the active aerodynamic system, the new active suspension guarantees adequate response in all conditions, facilitating perfect balance for cornering, corner entry and exit, as well as superior braking stability that provides consistently precise behavior and predictable.
For bumpy roads, it is possible to activate the “super soft” mode by pressing the button positioned on the central tunnel. The damper adjustment returns to its normal state above 70 km/h, depending on the driving mode selected.

Highest level of aerodynamic efficiency ever achieved

The Huayra Dinamica Evo is equipped with exclusive body features designed and developed to achieve the highest possible aerodynamic efficiency. The 3 films with small side fins and scaled geometry maintain a constant wing section and distance from the side of the bumper, helping to generate more downforce and steering precision, all maintaining a simple, proportionate and dynamic design that integrates perfectly with the sinuousness of the car.
The air intake is fully integrated into the rear cowl and its inlet is located above the hardtop to collect the cooler airflow from the front and increase the pressure of the airflow feeding the engine air inlet. The rear wing was designed not only as decoration, but also as a technical feature that reduces air turbulence towards the rear wing and optimizes aerodynamic flow from the rear.
The air intake conveyor has been designed to allow for more efficient distribution of internal rear cowl duct pressures and provide cooler airflow to the engine to achieve maximum performance. The special rear wing adds an even more aggressive design to the car and is a fundamental aerodynamic element for the car’s dynamics from medium speeds. The two central fins have been designed to reduce air turbulence, in harmony with those of the hard top and the rear bumper.
Even the new aerodynamic taillights have been developed to reduce the drag generated by the airflow coming from the front and side, extending the laminar boundary layer on the hood and at the same time giving a very aggressive and unique look to the rear of this unique car.
Finally, the Pagani Grandi Complicazioni division has created a rear bumper capable of increasing aerodynamic loads and integrating the new 6-outlet exhaust system. The rear diffuser includes a new slider with an optimized inclination and is 50 mm longer compared to the normal version in order to increase the downforce that aerodynamically balances the new front of the Huayra Dinamica Evo, the result of the aerodynamic studies of the Huayra R.

Configuration of the Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo:

The client asked the Pagani Grandi Complicazioni design team to make the Huayra Dinamica Evo as unique as possible, which led to a long process with numerous proposals for interior and exterior configurations before arriving at the final configuration .
The car sports an exclusive livery with a large ellipse which wraps the vehicle from the front to the rear of the hood with double bronze and white stripes. The main color is a bright red alternating with transparencies, both of which include exposed carbon fiber to emphasize the body shapes. The same color tones are present inside the cabin to create harmony between the exteriors and interiors. The interiors are also characterized by materials like Alcantara, leather and diamond quilting with red stitching on the door panels and seats.
Finally, the name “Dinamica EVO” is present in solid milled aluminum and engraved and stitched into various details of the interiors and exteriors, adding a touch of uniqueness to this exceptional vehicle.

Make the impossible possible

Some technological inventions are so complex to design that they can only be made in an extremely limited number of designs, or even just one. Coming from the world of fine watchmaking, the term “Grandi Complicazioni” refers to those technical inventions – when they are not real revolutions – which are so complicated to integrate that they make a wristwatch as complex on the inside as aesthetically neat on the outside.
Pagani Automobili’s division dedicated to special projects, named “Grandi Complicazioni”, produces extremely limited edition vehicles. Their technologies are so unique and elaborate to produce that only a few master craftsmen are capable of making them. This division produces cars so rare and exceptional that they are often considered unique pieces, with particular attention paid to every technical and aesthetic detail.