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New Škoda Enyaq Laurin & Klement

Nouvelle Škoda Enyaq Laurin & Klement : une gamme complète et de nouvelles améliorations techniques
New Škoda Enyaq Laurin & Klement: a complete range and new technical improvements

New Škoda Enyaq Laurin & Klement: a complete range and new technical improvements

  • The new Škoda Enyaq L&K offers an increased power of 210 kW*, a range of up to 570 kilometers** according to the WLTP cycle, shorter charging times, battery preheating and the latest ME4 vehicle software

  • New exterior and interior design for an inimitable look and complete standard equipment for the L&K version

  • First model with a new User Interface for greater ease of use, with updated graphics reflecting the new Škoda visual identity

Škoda Auto completes its range of fully electric SUVs with the launch of the new Enyaq L&K. Steeped in Škoda tradition, this variant, named after the founders of the Czech automobile company, Václav Laurin and Václav Klement, is distinguished by specific exterior and interior design features and is equipped with a range of particularly standard equipment. complete. It is also equipped with numerous standard equipment and numerous technical improvements. The Enyaq L&K 85 (propulsion) and the Enyaq L&K 85x (4-wheel drive) develop a power of 210 kW*. They offer an increased range of up to 570 kilometers** according to the WLTP cycle, as well as battery charging times ranging from 10 to 80% in less than 30 minutes. The Enyaq L&K is the first Škoda model to feature a new user interface for greater ease of use, with updated graphics that reflect Škoda’s new visual identity.

“In the new Škoda Enyaq L&K, we are introducing several technical improvements which will subsequently be used in the other models of this series. The new, more powerful generation of powertrain will deliver a higher output of 210 kW*. At the same time, we were able to extend the maximum range to 570 km** according to the WLTP cycle and keep the charging time from 10 to 80% to less than 30 minutes. Based on customer feedback, we added battery preheat management, which also uses navigation data. This feature optimizes charging performance even in cold weather. Additionally, our new user interface takes ease of use to a whole new level, making vehicle operation even more intuitive. »


Johannes Neft, Member of the Board of Directors of Škoda Auto, responsible for Technical Development

Nouvelle Škoda Enyaq Laurin & Klement : une gamme complète et de nouvelles améliorations techniques

Extended range and technical improvements

The Škoda Enyaq L&K marks the launch of a new battery and the new propulsion system. It offers increased power of 210 kW*, better acceleration and greater autonomy. The rear-axle powered Enyaq L&K 85 goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds**, almost two seconds less than the current Enyaq iV 80. The maximum speed is now 180 km/h**, and the maximum range according to the WLTP cycle has increased further to 570 kilometers**. The all-wheel drive Enyaq L&K 85x with its two motors goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.6 seconds**, and its range is increased to 550 kilometers**. The battery charging curve has been optimized; it allows you to charge Enyaq L&K from 10 to 80% of its capacity in less than 30 minutes.

New preheating function for all Enyaqs from model year 2024

The Laurin & Klement Enyaq is equipped with the latest ME4 software, which will be included in all models of the Enyaq family produced from this year. The new software brings many improvements and new features. These include a preheat function, which brings the battery to an optimal temperature before charging begins. Two modes are available, and the process can be started manually by pressing a button on the central infotainment screen. In automatic mode, the process takes place without driver intervention when the vehicle is en route to a fast charging station, based on data provided by the navigation system.

Nouvelle Škoda Enyaq Laurin & Klement : une gamme complète et de nouvelles améliorations techniques

Exterior with exclusive platinum gray details

The Enyaq L&K can be recognized by the exclusive platinum gray details on the model-specific bumpers, as well as on the diffuser and exterior mirrors. The rocker panels are painted in body color, while the window frames and roof bars are chrome-plated, as is the Škoda grille surround, which features the Crystal Face illuminated by 131 LEDs as standard. Standard equipment also includes Matrix LED headlights, which prevent dazzling oncoming cars and mask reflective surfaces, as well as LED taillights. The rear side windows and the rear window are tinted (“Sunset”). The Enyaq L&K is equipped with specific 20-inch alloy wheels or, optionally, 21-inch wheels, and an L&K badge on the front fenders. The new model bears Enyaq lettering on the tailgate, dropping the “iV” suffix from its name, like all other variants of future 100% electric Škoda models, including the Enyaq family.

Two design selections and ventilated leather seats with massage function

For the interior of the Enyaq L&K, Škoda Auto offers customers two specific design selections. The L&K Shell design selection with beige leather upholstery is standard. The optional L&K Black is made of black leather. Front seats with ventilation and massage functions, exclusive to the L&K version, are included as standard in both versions. Using the infotainment menu, occupants can choose between the three functions “ventilation”, “heating” and “heating with ventilation”, activate the massage function and operate the seat adjustment. The pedals feature a distinctive aluminum look.

Nouvelle Škoda Enyaq Laurin & Klement : une gamme complète et de nouvelles améliorations techniques

New user interface for greater ease of use

As with the Enyaq L&K, all future Enyaq models using the new software version will feature an optimized user interface. This further improves ease of use and perfects the customer experience in the vehicle. The user interface reflects Škoda’s new visual identity, and the new brand colors are also used in the infotainment menu, virtual cockpit and head-up display. In addition, Škoda Auto has also revised the entire menu structure of the infotainment system. It now has three basic buttons placed in different corners of the screen. Tapping the icon at the top left provides access to vehicle settings, while apps are available at the bottom right corner.

A tap on the lower left corner takes the driver to the redesigned home screen. It offers five usable pages with three fixed layouts, the content of which can be customized. The favorite buttons allowing quick access to certain functions have also been improved. The driver can configure up to five favorite shortcuts to control vehicle functions, such as lane keep assist, windshield heating or the air recirculation function. These shortcuts will then be directly accessible in the upper part of the screen. In addition, up to three applications – such as navigation, mobile phone menu or media player – can be activated via the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Nouvelle Škoda Enyaq Laurin & Klement : une gamme complète et de nouvelles améliorations techniques

New design of navigation maps and simplification of the climate control menu

The ME4 software also brings new navigation maps to the Enyaq family. They offer repositioned navigation submenus and a larger map section. The vehicle’s air conditioning system control menu has been simplified, the simple presentation page allows for even more intuitive use. New graphics provide a better overview of the vehicle’s battery level and charging options. The redesigned virtual cockpit and head-up display now reflect Škoda’s new visual identity and offer improved functions.

New function for Kessy

The lighting on the front doors is new, the LED spots in the exterior mirrors now project the “Welcome” logo onto the ground rather than the Škoda lettering. People exiting the Enyaq L&K can enjoy a new feature of the Kessy keyless vehicle access system. It now automatically locks the doors when the owner walks away from the vehicle using the radio transmitter. Locking of the doors is confirmed by an audible signal emitted by the alarm system horn.