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CUPRA continues its momentum with the new CUPRA Born VZ

nouvelle CUPRA Born VZ
CUPRA continues its momentum with the new CUPRA Born VZ

CUPRA continues its momentum with the new CUPRA Born VZ

  • The CUPRA Born VZ gains in performance, with power increasing to 325 hp and 545 Nm of torque, 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 200 km/h.
  • A sportier interior with new CUP Bucket seats as standard, but also paddles on the steering wheel to manage energy recovery when braking.
  • The car’s dynamic handling has been improved with better brake pedal feel, firmer suspension and more precise steering.
  • Two new 20-inch alloy wheels enrich the exterior design, including one forged and fitted with high-performance tires, as well as the VZ logo at the rear and the new colors.

nouvelle CUPRA Born VZ

The brand’s first 100% electric model, the CUPRA Born represents the perfect alliance between electrification and performance.

CUPRA continues its momentum with the CUPRA Born VZ. The latest addition to the CUPRA range of vehicles, this new, more powerful version will set new standards in its category.

Abbreviation of Veloz in Spanish, VZ means fast which simply refers to the brand’s latest vehicle. The CUPRA Born VZ delivers 325 hp of power and 545 Nm of torque, which are transmitted directly to the road thanks to optimized suspension settings, more precise steering and increased braking. The combination of these elements gives it the best performance in the CUPRA Born range and makes it one of the most accomplished and efficient cars in its segment.

“When we launched the model in 2021, the CUPRA Born marked an important milestone for the brand by becoming our very first 100% electric vehicle. And the results were not long in coming with 45,300 units sold last year, an increase of 44.4% compared to the previous year,” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA. “With the CUPRA Born VZ, we will take this model to a new dimension, to prove once again that electrification and performance are a perfect match.”

The CUPRA Born VZ incorporates the advanced technology of the CUPRA Born powertrain while increasing its power: the 100% electric system now develops 325 hp, an increase of 40% compared to the current version. Torque also reaches a staggering 545 Nm, 75% more than the most powerful version of the CUPRA Born today. This translates concretely into 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds for the CUPRA Born VZ, one second less than the current 230 hp – Battery L version. In addition, the maximum speed has also been increased and is now limited to 200 km/h, or 40 km/h more than the versions currently available in the catalog.

The CUPRA Born VZ also benefits from several improvements to its chassis in order to guarantee dynamic behavior that matches its performance. A new DCC Sport suspension, more precise steering and a more incisive brake pedal for reinforced rear braking. All these elements give better behavior to the CUPRA Born VZ.

nouvelle CUPRA Born VZ

At the rear, the CUPRA Born VZ is equipped with new shock absorbers and springs. Associated with optimized front damping settings as well as new anti-roll bars, they allow the DCC Sport suspension to offer better control during dynamic driving, but also to increase comfort by absorbing road imperfections.

The steering of the CUPRA Born VZ has been improved with new equipment and software for even more sportiness.

Improvements to the braking system guarantee better sensations. Sharper and more robust, the brake pedal of the VZ is also reworked compared to the 230 hp versions of the CUPRA Born.

However, the performance gain does not come at the expense of efficiency. In fact, the CUPRA Born VZ is capable of traveling up to 570 km on a single charge*. The battery has also been improved and now offers a net capacity of 79 kWh (+2 kWh). The on-board technology is as efficient as ever: the battery can be charged at home using an 11 kW alternating current wallbox, or at a 170 kW direct current fast charging station. In this case, 30 minutes* will be enough to go from 10 to 80% battery.

The exterior design of the CUPRA Born VZ is not left out since it marks the arrival of two new colors. The special Esterel Green color is exclusive to the CUPRA Born VZ and the Midnight Black paint is added to the catalog for all versions.

Style meets performance with the arrival of two new 20-inch alloy wheels. These are equipped with different technologies such as 3D copper inserts or forged technology, which underline its sporty character. Wider, the performance tires facilitate the transmission of power and torque to the rear wheels of the CUPRA Born VZ. The car is also equipped with wider wheels (8J20”) instead of those of the current versions of the CUPRA Born (7.5J19” and 7.5J20”).

nouvelle CUPRA Born VZ

The VZ logo in dark chrome on the vehicle’s tailgate and the CUPRA lettering in dark chrome also represent the final touch on the new version of the brand’s 100% electric vehicle.

The emotional design of the CUPRA Born VZ continues in the interior. The standard CUP Bucket seats, which also equip the CUPRA Formentor VZ5 and the CUPRA Leon VZ CUP, are exclusively available in this version of the CUPRA Born. They offer a lower seating sensation so as to provide a more ergonomic and sportier driving position. Additionally, the CUP Bucket seats of the CUPRA Born VZ are made from recycled SEAQUAL® YARN textile and DINAMICA which contains 73% recycled polyester.

Thanks to the improvements made to the chassis, the CUPRA Born VZ can guarantee the comfort of the five occupants, who at the same time will take full advantage of the panoramic roof.

The CUPRA Born VZ also features steering wheel paddles to manage regenerative braking. These allow you to choose one of three different levels of energy recovery. By releasing the accelerator pedal, the motor acts as a generator that sends energy back to the battery. This technology has the advantage of reinjecting energy into the powertrain but also of reducing wear on the brakes.

The driver can use the paddles on the steering wheel to benefit from better control of the regenerative braking characteristics, and thus adapt it to their driving style by switching from one level to another in “D” mode. Simply use the paddles to select the intensity of regenerative braking you need.

The CUPRA Born VZ benefits from a new infotainment system with a 12.9-inch screen (+0.9 inches compared to the current CUPRA Born). The latter includes a new backlit touch bar, which allows you to directly adjust the air conditioning and volume.

Another new feature on the CUPRA Born VZ is the completely new optional premium audio system, which was developed in collaboration with specialist Sennheiser. Equipped with 10 speakers, it delivers a power of 425 watts to immerse the driver and passengers in a unique sound experience while displaying high-quality finishes. In addition, this system is equipped with Sennheiser’s AMBEO Concerto technology which optimally diffuses music throughout the cabin.

nouvelle CUPRA Born VZ

The interior is equipped with Smart Light technology as standard. Be careful though, this is not just ambient lighting, but a new dimension in human-machine communication.

Horizontal LEDs wrap the entire width of the dashboard to provide warnings and light indications to the driver and other occupants. This information includes, in particular, the charging status, the on-board driving assistance systems (Front Assist, ACC and blind spot warning), infotainment functions (voice control, telephone call, navigation), intelligent parking assistance as well as locking and unlocking or entering and exiting the vehicle. These visual cues add an extra level of awareness, making the CUPRA Born VZ safer and smarter.

The brand’s commitment to safety and improving life on board is identifiable from the first few meters behind the wheel of this CUPRA Born VZ. All driving assistance systems are designed to help the driver in any situation.

The latest generation Travel Assist combines Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Lane Assist (which keeps the vehicle in the center of the lane) to improve the driving experience of the CUPRA Born VZ. In addition, thanks to information from the cloud, this new version also benefits from improvements on poorly marked roads. In addition, it comes with the lane change assist function when driving on the highway.

Parking is now incredibly easy: the new Remote Park Assist function allows the driver to complete maneuvers using their smartphone. Similarly, the Trained Parking Assist system allows the vehicle to learn to park in usual locations by recording the vehicle’s characteristics and trajectory on a map. Finally, the Top View Camera function offers the driver a 360° view of the vehicle and its environment to facilitate daily slots.

All of the safety and comfort technologies include Side Assist for enhanced protection against vehicles in the blind spot or approaching quickly, Light Assist to automatically control the operation of the headlights, the vehicle recognition system. traffic signs, and Exit Warning which signals the presence of obstacles when exiting the vehicle when parked.

Finally, CUPRA is determined to strike a balance between mobility needs and environmental responsibility. This is why the CUPRA Born was the first model to come with a net CO2 neutral concept. To achieve this, energy from renewable sources is used in the supply chain, while remaining emissions are offset through environmental investments and projects certified to the highest standards. Naturally, this approach continues with the CUPRA Born VZ.

The CUPRA Born VZ will be launched in the third quarter of 2024 and will be available to order from June in France.

* Pending final approval figures.