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New BMW XM Label Red

New BMW XM Label Red
Nouvelle BMW XM Label Red

New BMW XM Label Red

More efficient, more exclusive, more extravagant: Shortly after the launch of the new BMW XM Label Rouge, BMW M GmbH unveils the flagship version of its first electrified high-performance car. The BMW XM Label Red combines the M HYBRID system with increased power and bespoke design elements that highlight the car’s exceptional performance. Thanks to a combination of a V8 combustion engine generating up to 585 hp and an electric motor integrated into the eight-speed M Steptronic gearbox developing up to 197 hp (145 kW), the BMW XM Label Red offers total power of 748 hp, making it the most powerful BMW M model ever. It also leads the power rankings in the Sports Activity Vehicle and Sports Activity Coupé segments.

The new BMW XM Label Red is aimed at a global customer base seeking an extroverted lifestyle and a passion for ultimate performance, going beyond traditional conventions. Production will begin in August 2023 at the BMW Group plant in Spartanburg, USA. During this period, an exclusive edition limited to 500 examples of the top model will be produced, with an exclusive BMW Individual Frozen Carbonschwarz metallic body color.

The world premiere of the new BMW XM Label Red will take place at the international motor show Auto Shanghai in April 2023. China, the USA and the Middle East are among the most important sales regions for the BMW Label Red.

M HYBRID with high-level and precisely evaluated performance.

The M HYBRID system in the new BMW XM Label Red is a prime example of the intoxicating effect of electrification on high-performance models from BMW M GmbH. The precise interaction between the electric motor and the V8 engine ensures instant power that builds up and continues unabated in the highest rev ranges. This hybridization corresponds to the drive concept of the new BMW M Hybrid V8 endurance racing car, which enjoyed resounding success at the Daytona 24 Hour race in the North American IMSA series this year and is preparing for to participate in events such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2024.

With system power increased to 748 hp, the new top-of-the-range model surpasses the BMW XM produced since December 2022 by 95 hp. The system torque has increased by 200 Nm and now peaks at 1,000 Nm. by the M xDrive all-wheel drive system. Combined with a model-specific composition of chassis technology and fast, precise control of the powertrain and chassis, this system creates a unique performance experience, with dynamism and agility on a whole new level.

Nouvelle BMW XM Label Red

V8 engine with cutting-edge M TwinPower Turbo technology and classic high-revving character.

The M HYBRID system in the BMW XM Label Red combines the future benefits of electrification with the traditional qualities of a high-revving eight-cylinder combustion engine, equipped with M TwinPower Turbo technology. The latest generation of the V8 is distinguished by extremely rapid power delivery, increased efficiency and minimized emissions. In addition to a transverse exhaust manifold, it features a reinforced crankshaft, turbocharging with electrically controlled wastegate, improved oil supply and optimized oil separation.

In the BMW XM Label Red, the V8 contributes even more to the system’s power generated in tandem with the electric motor. It develops a maximum power of 585 hp at 5,600 rpm. Maximum torque is 750 Nm, an increase of 100 Nm compared to the BMW XM engine version, and is available over an extremely wide rev range from 1,800 to 5,400 rpm.

The BMW XM Label Red sports exhaust system, equipped with two electronically controlled and continuously adjustable flaps, accompanies the engine power in an emotionally rich way, with a liveliness and energy not normally associated an eight-cylinder. The sound of the engine is therefore very characteristic, as are the two pairs of double exhaust outlets, whose individual pipes are arranged one above the other.

Instant power: electric motor with innovative pre-adjustment stage.

Just like the V8 engine, the electric motor of the M HYBRID system uses innovative technology to provide a significant increase in traction power. The motor is integrated into the eight-speed M gearbox with its power electronics and, as is now the case with electric motors, it reacts to the slightest movements of the accelerator providing instant power.

The electric motor contributes to the maximum power of the BMW engine up to an effective maximum of 450 Nm at the transmission input for the engine. In this way, the compact motor is able to provide the type of torque increase that could normally only be achieved by using a much larger and heavier unit.

The improved power rise resulting from the pre-tuning stage between the electric motor rotor and the transmission input shaft can be clearly felt, both when accelerating off the line than during rapid acceleration. Combined with the V8 engine’s optimized power and high-revving character, the result is incredible performance. The BMW XM Label Red only needs 3.8 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. Its maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h, but it reaches 290 km/h on cars equipped with the optional M Experience pack.

The electric motor not only provides a boost effect during acceleration, it also plays a supporting role at constant load, helping to increase the efficiency of the combustion engine. The BMW CO2 emissions of 35-39 grams per kilometer.

Powerful high-voltage battery, BMW IconicSounds Electric, combined charging unit and predictive heat management.

The engine of the BMW XM Label Red draws its energy from a high-voltage lithium-ion battery integrated into the underbody, based on fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology. This battery stands out for its high energy density at cell and battery pack level, providing a constant flow of power over a wide temperature range and even under heavy loads induced by a particularly sporty driving style. Its usable energy capacity is 25.7 kWh. Combined with the excellent efficiency of the electric motor and the intelligent energy management system, it allows the BMW XM Label Red to offer a range in electric mode of 75 to 83 kilometers depending on the WLTP cycle.

With this range, the BMW The maximum speed achievable in pure electric mode is 140 km/h. The power delivered by the electric motor is also accompanied by its own soundtrack, in the form of the BMW IconicSounds Electric developed as part of a collaboration between BMW Group and film music composer Hans Zimmer.

The combined charging unit of the M HYBRID system enables AC charging with a maximum power of 7.4 kW. This means that the high-voltage battery can be recharged from zero to 100% in 4 hours and 15 minutes. Predictive heat management reduces charging times by sensibly warming or cooling the battery. The BMW Flexible Charger, for use with domestic or industrial sockets, and the charging cable for public or private terminals are supplied as standard. This mode 3 (T2 – T2) cable, intended for charging at public or private charging stations, can be stored in an elegant and exclusive weekend-style bag and secured in the trunk using a carabiner-strap combination.

Nouvelle BMW XM Label Red

Supreme traction, captivating performance: M xDrive and M Sport differential.

The M xDrive all-wheel drive system of the BMW XM Label Red distributes the power generated by the combustion engine and electric motor between all four wheels precisely, quickly and as needed at all times. The system’s layout is rear-biased, which enhances the car’s agility and is particularly pronounced in 4WD Sport mode. When the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system is completely deactivated, the 4WD Sand mode, optimized for traction and designed specifically for driving on dunes and similar surfaces, can be activated via the M Setup menu.

The M xDrive system is complemented by an electronically controlled differential lock on the rear axle, which further improves traction, agility and directional stability. The M Sport differential allows the drive torque to be distributed between the left and right rear wheels as needed and completely variably, thereby improving driving dynamics.

Chassis adjustment depending on the model, integrated management of transverse dynamics.

The new BMW XM Label Rouge is an impressive vehicle that embodies the power and performance of sports cars. Equipped with a cutting-edge M HYBRID system, it also scores with its exceptional driving characteristics, which guarantee an unforgettable driving experience. Whether you’re looking to show off its sporty side, ride in silence (with zero local emissions) or relax on long journeys, the BMW XM Label Rouge is ready to take on any challenge with poise and confidence. Thanks to its sophisticated chassis technology, the car offers a range of exceptional attributes from dynamism to comfort, and perfectly matches the performance characteristics of the BMW M drive system.

The new BMW XM Label Rouge is equipped with Adaptive M Pro suspension, six-piston fixed piston brakes at the front and single-piston floating piston brakes at the rear. It also has a latest generation integrated braking system, which guarantees precise and efficient braking power, as well as integral active steering. All of these elements work in harmony with the M xDrive all-wheel drive, M Sport differential and steering control systems to deliver an unrivaled driving experience, whatever the challenges encountered.

The car’s central transverse dynamics management also incorporates quasi-actuator wheel slip limitation technology, which is controlled by the engine management and performance control function. This intelligent application of all powertrain and chassis systems, combined with the racing expertise of BMW M GmbH and the tuning carried out on different road types, guarantees an exceptional driving experience in all conditions. situations and configurations. In short, the new BMW XM Label Rouge is a remarkable sports car that offers a perfect blend of performance, cutting-edge technology and comfort.

An extroverted design with exclusive details.

Aesthetically and technically, the BMW XM Label Rouge is an exclusive model designed solely as a high-performance car from BMW M GmbH, since the legendary BMW M1. The dynamic proportions of a Sports Activity Vehicle are combined with a bold exterior design, characterized by generous surfaces, clean lines and a front end typical of BMW models in the luxury category. Striking design elements underline the unique character of the BMW XM Label Rouge as a performance-oriented vehicle.

Distinctive features of the performance-maximizing XM variant include a Toronto Red Metallic accent strip, although a black accent strip can also be specified. Red is also present on the model badges and wheel inserts. 21-inch light-alloy wheels are standard, with a BMW M grille surround and diffuser elements in gloss black.

The catalog of the new version of the model includes a metallic exterior color M Brooklyngrau. Customers can also choose from more than 50 BMW Individual special paints, including the new BMW Individual Urban Green, BMW Individual Petrol Mica metallic, BMW Individual Anglesey Green metallic and BMW Individual Sepia metallic. To help customers with the paint selection process, the new BMW Individual Visualizer is available from the start of orders for the BMW XM Label Rouge. The car is depicted extremely realistically in the customer’s chosen paint scheme, against the backdrop of BMW M Town, and can be viewed from different angles using a 360-degree video.

The new limited edition BMW XM Label Rouge is even more exclusive, with only 500 examples sold worldwide. This variation maximizes the exclusivity factor with an even more expressive style. The BMW M grille surround and rear diffuser insert in Toronto Red Metallic combine with the body paint in BMW Individual Frosted Carbon Black Metallic to create a striking contrast and captivating effect.

The interior of the limited edition BMW XM Label Rouge also scores with a sporty and visually appealing touch. Black and red are used to bring an additional sense of exclusivity to the diamond-shaped upper sections of the backrests and the integrated headrests of the driver and front passenger seats, as well as the outer rear seats. The black surfaces of the distinctive three-dimensional roof and body pillar trims are also highlighted by contrasting red stitching on the black surfaces of the seats, dashboard, door trims and center console, as well as accents red on the air vents. Customers will also find a plaque under the control screen reading “1 in 500” and a red “XM” badge under the control screen. The satin-effect carbon fiber interior strip with red and blue accent threads also emphasizes that this is an M car.

Nouvelle BMW XM Label Red

Sports car cockpit of the new BMW XM Label Rouge with BMW Curved Display; M Lounge at the rear.

The cockpit of the new BMW . The iconic M gear lever and an M-specific control panel on the center console are also key features of this sports car-style cockpit. The M Hybrid and Setup buttons allow you to select the desired operating mode for the drive system and adjust the level of braking energy recuperation.

The M leather steering wheel is decorated with black chrome decorative elements, M buttons and shift paddles with carbon inlays. An exclusive feature of the BMW XM Label Rouge is the symbol identifying Boost mode on the left gear shift paddle. The high-quality materials and extravagant design of the rear of the BMW as well as a unique sculptural headliner with a three-dimensional prismatic structure and LED lighting. Ambient lighting, four-zone automatic climate control, Harman Kardon audio system and Travel & Comfort system are also standard equipment. Customers can also opt for the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system with a 1,475-watt amplifier and four additional roof-level speakers.

Advanced driver assistance systems; BMW Live Cockpit Navigation Pro as standard.

The new BMW XM Label Red offers a wide range of advanced automated driving and parking technologies. The driving assistant includes functions such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning with lane return and steering assistance, evasion assistant, alertness assistant and the system information on speed limits. The Drive Assist Pro option adds functions such as active cruise control with Stop&Go function, steering and lane control assistant, automatic speed limit assistance and active navigation.

Park Assist Plus is equipped as standard, with functions such as Reverse Assistant, Parking View, Front and Rear Panorama and 3D View. BMW Live Cockpit Navigation Pro is also fitted as standard, bringing the latest generation of the multi-sensory BMW iDrive experience. The cloud-based BMW Maps navigation system is included, as well as smartphone integration for Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, personalized BMW ID functionality and an eSIM designed for 5G mobile technology. BMW Digital Key Plus is available as an option, allowing customers to lock and unlock their BMW XM Label Red with their iPhone using security-enhanced Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radio technology.

It can be ordered in France from April 12, 2023 and priced from €203,000 for the Label Red version, and €213,000 for the Label Red limited edition.