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Bugatti unveils the cockpit of the Bugatti Bolide reserved for the circuit

Bugatti unveils the cockpit of the Bugatti Bolide reserved for the circuit
The Bugatti Bolide: a cockpit designed for exhilarating experiences on the racetrack

The Bugatti Bolide: a cockpit designed for exhilarating experiences on the racetrack

Getting behind the wheel of the track-only Bugatti is a multidimensional sensory experience unlike any other. The interior of the Bolide is at the heart of this immersive driving adventure; an interior inspired by the world of motorsport and imbued with refined craftsmanship and unparalleled luxury.

Developed around a brand new lightweight and very resistant monocoque, the Bolide¹ and its interior have been designed specifically for this hyper sports car reserved for the circuit.

Its incredible performance – and the resulting interior design requirements – required the production of a stronger and more rigid monocoque than that of the Chiron². This new monocoque involves a new position for the driver – more inclined towards the rear of the vehicle, which allows his heels to be slightly raised – and for the co-driver now optimally oriented towards the front of the Bolide, at like what is done in the most extreme racing cars in the world. All the parts and finishes of the Bolide, raw and without compromise, have been redesigned compared to those of the Chiron. The interior of the vehicle, for example, was designed exclusively for this project, and includes optimized racing seats, a high-tech steering wheel and a whole series of tailor-made fittings that meet the brand’s standards in terms of safety, comfort and performance.

Bugatti dévoile le cockpit de la Bugatti Bolide réservée au circuit

To recall the exterior DNA of the Bolide – captivating and immediately recognizable with its “X”-shaped taillights which frame the new exhaust – the vehicle’s cockpit elegantly incorporates this bold design inspired by the “X” theme. Just as visible as the lights, the central point of the Bolide’s interior is its innovative steering wheel and its “X” structure. Its design is intended to inspire complete confidence when driver and vehicle become one – particularly when the hyper sports car faces extreme forces.

With its precise and balanced proportions, the steering wheel also transforms into a work of art when the Bolide is at rest, displaying a completely unique aesthetic. It can easily be detached, taken out of the cabin and used as an ornamental object as the owner wishes, to remind him that a truly exciting Bugatti driving experience awaits him somewhere.

State-of-the-art modeling software was used to enhance the development of the “X” shaped steering wheel. The Bugatti design team intuitively adopted polygonal 3D modeling, an advanced technique developed by developers in the video game industry and used to achieve special effects. This technique made it possible to accurately model the steering wheel and all its advanced components and subsystems. Using this innovative process, the team was able to simulate every feature and surface of the part – including complex structures, interactions and contact points – using only a polygonal mesh. This entire process improved quality and – just as importantly – accelerated the optimization of the steering wheel design giving the team greater responsiveness after each test session taking place on circuits at all four corners of the world.

The steering wheel design was guided by valuable feedback from Bugatti test drivers, who emphasized the need for a tight, compact and ergonomic package including eight optimally placed key buttons to facilitate track driving, even at breathtaking speeds, but also to cope with the acceleration forces created by the Bolide.

Bugatti Bolide réservée au circuit

Designed specifically for driving on circuits, the Bolide must be able to transmit precise and easy-to-interpret data to the driver, in real time. The pilot thus has the choice between two display interfaces. The first mode presents complex and sophisticated data, which corresponds to key values in motorsport, those requested by test drivers, useful for professional driving on the track. The second mode offers an overview of essential information. The latter – taking into account a greater number of data including the impact of acceleration forces and the intense emotions that the Bolide experience can provide – allows the customer to better understand driving at the controls of their Bolide.

The unique aesthetic of the “X” steering wheel extends throughout the cabin, creating a seamless design across the entire vehicle. The seats of the Bolide also echo this striking theme, particularly through their shape. To facilitate entry into the vehicle, certain parts of the backrest and headrest detach with the dihedral door, creating the optimal space to allow the customer to take a position behind the steering wheel. This same aesthetic is also found on the 3D printed part which connects the headrest cushion to the door structure, thus creating total visual harmony.

The seats are installed directly on the monocoque, establishing an unwavering link between the driver and his vehicle, without compromising the comfort of the cabin. This arrangement helps to considerably reduce the weight of the Bolide and makes it the first Bugatti to have fixed seats, for a perfect driving position. The steering wheel and pedals are adjustable to adapt exactly to the driver’s needs.

Four seat size options – which envelop the driver in the cabin – are available, including one option that adjusts to the customer’s body shape. Part of the customization process at the heart of every Bolide configuration, seats can be made from smooth leather, suede, Nappa leather or Alcantara, and personalized with details ranging from dynamic quilting to fine perforations laser.

Bugatti Bolide réservée au circuit

The lightweight air conditioning system, which channels airflow from a symmetrical quadruple system with four pipes mounted with aluminum end caps – another nod to the Bolide’s exterior design – keeps the customer cool. fresh behind the wheel of his Bolide, which is very rare on a circuit.

As future owners are about to complete the configuration of their vehicles, Bugatti test drivers, designers and engineers are currently making the final adjustments to ensure that each example is unique in every way.