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New Opel Frontera : a spacious and fun SUV

Nouvel Opel Frontera
New Opel Frontera: a spacious and fun SUV also available in a fully electric version

New Opel Frontera: a spacious and fun SUV also available in a fully electric version

  • Choice of: efficient 100% battery electric or 48v hybrid engines
  • Robust style: expressive silhouette integrating the Opel Vizor with the new logo and distinctive wheel arches
  • Interior pleasures: two large screens, front seats with specific ergonomic features and clever storage solutions
  • Space galore: up to 1,600 liters of cargo volume, optional practical roof bars
  • Clever solutions: wireless charging and phone projection, additional USB ports, etc.

Nouvel Opel Frontera

Opel is writing the start of a new chapter in its long and successful history: the Rüsselsheim-based manufacturer today reveals the first images of the New Opel Frontera. The new fun and spacious Blitz SUV will be available from its launch in a 100% battery electric version, then in versions equipped with 48-volt hybrid technology.

The new Frontera impresses at first glance with its robust interpretation of Opel’s pure and bold design philosophy. The silhouette and proportions of the new Frontera combine a functional and spacious living space with a very bold, robust, but also very modern expressive look. The new Opel “Blitz” emblem is presented for the first time on a production model and sits proudly in the center of the brand’s characteristic front fascia: the Opel Vizor. The black “vizor” gives the front of the Frontera a unique identity by perfectly integrating the Eco LED headlights with automatic high beam and the central Opel logo. The “vizor” is highlighted by a trapezoidal opening intended for cooling, reinforcing the feeling of solidity and robustness of the car. Opel’s famous “signature wings” shines through its modernized interpretation with its three lighting blocks separated by body-colored inserts. The side view reveals a marked C-pillar. Pronounced wheel arches and fenders anchor the car firmly on the road while giving the new model a solid, modern and reassuring appearance.

Smartphone station, Intelli-Seat: intelligent solutions for connectivity and comfort

Nouvel Opel Frontera

The feeling of modernity continues in the cabin where design intelligence meets practicality. Large horizontal inserts on the dashboard and doors visually expand the vast interior. In addition, the fully digital Pure Panel cockpit, typical of Opel, with its two 10-inch screens and multimedia infotainment system, attracts just as much attention as the new steering wheel. Opel systematically follows the philosophy of maximum comfort combined with minimum distraction, with a clean and “detox” user experience to avoid any form of digital stress.

The new model also targets those who prefer to use their own mobile phone by offering an innovative smartphone dock as an option. After connecting to the station via a dedicated app, the user’s smartphone becomes the vehicle’s infotainment control center, also interacting with the steering wheel controls. Additionally, Opel is once again innovating in the front seats with the patented Intelli-Seat function – a slot that relieves pressure on the tailbone for exceptional comfort, even during long motorway journeys. In addition, the seats are not only richly crafted and sculpted, but also attract attention with their contrasting stitching. The seat fabrics are made from a completely sustainable recycled material.

The playful spirit of the new Frontera is further enhanced by a series of complementary intelligent solutions. For example, it’s easier than ever to charge mobile devices with a cooled wireless charger and four USB ports (two on the front and two on the back. Larger devices that wouldn’t normally find their space in the cabin, such as tablets, can be stored safely in the center console thanks to a flexible strap that keeps them in place. Other open storage spaces in the cabin can accommodate everyday items thanks to a rubber coating that prevents them from sliding around. And second-row passengers can take advantage of small smartphone pockets located on the front seat backs.

Spacious, efficient and clever: The ideal companion for an active and sustainable lifestyle

Nouvel Opel Frontera

In addition, the new Frontera impresses with its loading capacity. With the rear seats up, it already offers more than 460 liters of cargo space in the trunk. A value which rises to 1,600 liters with the rear seats folded. The 60/40 split rear bench seat provides additional versatility, while a two-level cargo floor comes standard. In addition, customers who need to carry even more luggage and want to take full advantage of the roof load capacities (more than 200 kg) can opt for the optional functional roof bars.

Like all new Opel models, the new Frontera impresses not only with its bold and pure design, but also with its responsible performance. Customers will be able to choose between a purely battery-electric variant and highly efficient engines equipped with 48-volt hybrid technology. Regardless of the powertrain chosen, driving pleasure reaches a very high level thanks to the specific chassis settings. The Rüsselsheim engineers took great care to optimize body control and provide the typical Opel driving characteristics even at high speeds on the German autobahn.

With its new expressive look, its intelligent and fun solutions and its wide range of 100% electric or hybrid engines, the new Opel Frontera shows once again that the German brand continues its commitment to electrification, while meeting the expectations of a large clientele.