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New BMW 5 Series Touring

Nouvelle BMW Série 5 Touring
New BMW 5 Series Touring

New BMW 5 Series Touring

Sporty, elegant, versatile and for the first time 100% electric. The latest generation of BMW 5 Series Touring enters a new era.

The sixth generation of the BMW 5 Series Touring is more progressive than ever, with numerous digital innovations, cutting-edge assistance systems for automated driving and parking, increased sustainability throughout its life cycle and, for the first time, a 100% electric version with the BMW i5 Touring. The new BMW 5 Series Touring reaches a new level to date.

A flexible platform makes it possible to produce variants with highly efficient gasoline and diesel engines as well as plug-in hybrid and 100% electric variants on a single production line at the BMW Group plant in Dingolfing. The commercial launch in France will begin in May 2024.

Athletic design, presence and elegance.

Stretched proportions and generously designed surfaces characterize the exterior of the new BMW 5 Series Touring. Compared to its predecessor, the new BMW 5 Series Touring is 97 millimeters longer (5,060 millimeters), 32 millimeters (1,900 millimeters) wider and 17 millimeters (1,515 millimeters) taller. The new BMW 5 Series Touring has the longest wheelbase in its class, increasing by 20 millimeters to 2,995 millimeters.

The front is distinguished by a modern interpretation of the twin headlights and BMW grille that have made the brand famous. Almost vertically arranged LED elements serve as indicators and daytime running lights. The BMW grille, which projects far forward, has a wide surround and BMW Iconic Glow contour lighting (available as an option). From the side, the high shoulder line, the powerfully defined surfaces and the two precisely drawn character lines shape the athletic design of the BMW 5 Series Touring. The rear bumper, the sculpted wheel arches, as well as the large headlights visually widen the vehicle. The flat taillights divided by a chrome strip expressively interpret the brand’s characteristic L-shape.

The body color palette includes three colors from the BMW Individual program. Standard equipment includes 18-inch and 19-inch light alloy wheels for the 100% electric and plug-in hybrid models. Alloy wheels up to 21 inches are available as an option. The dynamic character of the new BMW 5 Series Touring can be further enhanced by the M Sport Package or the optional M Sport Pro and M Carbon Exterior packages. The BMW i5 M60 xDrive Touring, the most powerful version in the range, comes as standard with distinctive exterior elements that underline its sporting DNA (combined consumption: 18.3 – 20.8 kWh/100 km according to the WLTP standard).

Nouvelle BMW Série 5 Touring
Modern, optimized interior and for the first time entirely vegan.

The BMW Curved Display, a central element of the passenger compartment, reinterprets the brand’s idea of orienting the cockpit towards the driver. The fully digital display system consists of a 12.3-inch information screen and a 14.9-inch control screen. The modern, upscale atmosphere is reinforced by the presence of new standard sports seats, a redesigned steering wheel whose lower part is now flatter, and the BMW Interaction Bar available as standard for 100% electric models.

The new BMW 5 Series Touring comes with a fully vegan interior as standard. This includes the seating surfaces, dashboard and door panels, as well as the steering wheel. The seat surfaces of the Veganza version with leather-like properties are also optionally available with decorative perforation. Other optional equipment includes BMW Individual Merino Leather upholstery in several two-tone variants. The panoramic glass roof and the Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System with 18 speakers (17 on the BMW i5) are further highlights of the options catalog on the BMW 5 Series Touring.

BMW Série 5 Touring
Optimized roominess and intelligent functionality.

The new BMW 5 Series Touring offers more leg, shoulder and elbow room, particularly in the rear, as well as optimized acoustic comfort. With its versatile interior and numerous intelligent functions, the new BMW 5 Series Touring is as impressive in everyday life as it is on long journeys.

The wider opening of the luggage compartment, combined with a low loading sill, makes it easy to store bulky luggage. Regardless of the engine, all variants of the new BMW 5 Series Touring have a luggage compartment volume which can increase from 570 to 1,700 liters. In addition to automatic tailgate opening, remote unlocking of the 40:20:40 split rear seat backrest from the luggage compartment is also standard. Storage compartments located under the luggage compartment floor allow storage of the luggage compartment partition net, the luggage cover and the charging cable for 100% electric and plug-in hybrid models.

Two versions of the 100% electric BMW 5 Series Touring available from launch.

The new BMW i5 Touring is the first 100% electric Premium model in its category. It will be available in two versions upon launch. The BMW i5 M60 xDrive has a power of 601 hp (442 kW*) and specific design features. The two motors are integrated into the front and rear axles to form an electric all-wheel drive system. The torque generated by the system can reach 820 Nm when the M Sport Boost function or the M Launch Control function is activated. This allows the BMW i5 M60 Touring to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and reach an electronically limited top speed of 230 km/h.

The BMW i5 eDrive40 is the second 100% electric version available at launch. Its electric motor drives the rear wheels and generates a maximum power of 340 hp (250 kW*) and a maximum torque of 430 Nm with the Sport Boost or Launch Control function. The BMW i5 eDrive40 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds and has a top speed of 193 km/h.

On both models, the space-saving high-voltage battery is housed in the underbody and has a net capacity of 81.2 kWh. In addition to efficient electric motors, the latest version of adaptive energy recovery allows greater absorption of kinetic energy when lifting your foot. Furthermore, judicious use of the heat pump centralizing the heating and cooling of the passenger compartment, the propulsion system and the high-voltage battery contributes to the long range. The respective WLTP ranges are 445 – 506 kilometers for the BMW i5 M60 xDrive and 489 – 560 kilometers for the BMW i5 eDrive40. This new BMW 5 Series also has the recent MAX RANGE function, allowing autonomy to be increased by up to 25% thanks to power and speed limitation, but also by deactivating comfort functions.

*When M Launch Control or M Sport Boost is activated.

Innovative eCharging solutions from BMW Charging.

The BMW i5’s charging unit (CCU) enables AC charging with an output of up to 11 kW as standard, and up to 22 kW as an option (standard on the BMW i5 M60 xDrive). The high-voltage battery can be charged with direct current with a power of up to 205 kW. Early preheating of the high voltage battery makes it possible to optimize the rapid recharge phases. For example, the BMW i5’s battery charge level can go from 10% to 80% in about 30 minutes.

The new BMW i5 Tourings are also compatible with the Plug & Charge function. This feature allows the vehicle to automatically authenticate at compatible public charging stations without having to use an app or charging card. A unique feature is the multi-contract option, which allows customers to digitally store in the vehicle up to five individual Plug & Charge-compatible electricity contracts from different suppliers.

Nouvelle BMW Série 5 Touring
New Diesel engines equipped with 48V mild hybridization technology.

Diesel engines designed on the new modular generation BMW Group Efficient Dynamics are now equipped with 48V Mild Hybrid technology and are associated as standard with a new 8-speed Sport gearbox.

In France, four-cylinder Diesel models will initially be launched on the market with the BMW 520d and BMW 520d xDrive boasting 197 hp (145 kW) and a maximum torque of 400 Nm each. The range of models will be supplemented during the summer of 2024 by two variants equipped with a latest generation Plug-in Hybrid engine as well as a new six-cylinder in-line Diesel engine.

The ideal balance between sportiness and comfort on long journeys.

The driving pleasure of the new BMW 5 Series Touring is based on an ideal balance between sportiness and high-level comfort. To do this, the wheelbase has been extended to become the longest in its segment. Furthermore, the wider tracks on the front and rear axles, an almost perfectly balanced distribution of masses on the axles (50/50 ratio), an intelligent lightweight construction and increased rigidity of the connections between the body and the chassis contribute to this. The state-of-the-art chassis technology, like the control systems, has been developed depending on the model, the associated mass distribution and the corresponding engine technology. It includes direct traction control, an integrated braking system and variable ratio sports steering as standard. The BMW i5 Touring and Plug-in Hybrid models also feature air suspension on the rear axle with automatic level control.

A DirectDrive M suspension, an M Sport braking system and the Adaptive Pro suspension with electronically controlled dampers, IntegralActive 4-wheel steering and new vertical dynamics management are available as standard on the BMW i5 M60 xDrive. The Adaptive M Pro suspension (available as an option on the BMW i5 M60 xDrive) also includes active roll stabilization with the Active Roll Comfort functionality.

Nouvelle BMW Série 5 Touring
Innovative systems for automated driving and parking.

The semi-automatic driving and parking systems available as standard or as an option on the new BMW 5 Series Touring set standards in the competitive environment thanks to their numerous functions, their reliability and their everyday benefits. The highlight of the range is the optional Drive Assist Pro, which includes active cruise control with Stop&Go function, as well as functions such as steering and lane control assistant. In the USA, Canada and Germany the BMW Highway Assistant already offers a highly innovative level 2 driving function on all new BMW 5 Series models. This function is primarily designed for use on long journeys in the new BMW Series 5, in order to relieve the driver. When driving at speeds up to 130 km/h, this function can control the vehicle speed, distance from the vehicle in front and direction. Also in the United States, Canada and Germany, the new BMW 5 Series also includes Active Lane Change Assist with eye activation. This comfort function achieves a new level of interaction between driver and car. The vehicle suggests a lane change which can be done for the first time by looking in the exterior mirror to confirm the lane change. The Active Lane Change Assist automatically takes over the necessary steering movements, if the traffic situation permits.

The new BMW 5 Series Touring is equipped as standard with Parking Assistant, including Reversing Assistant. With the optional Park Assist Pro, automated parking and maneuvering over a distance of up to 200 meters can be controlled in the vehicle or using a smartphone outside the vehicle.

Intuitive operation and new digital experiences: BMW iDrive with “QuickSelect” and BMW OS 8.5.

The enhanced BMW iDrive display and control system with “QuickSelect” also contributes to the characteristic driving and traveling experience of the new BMW 5 Series Touring. It is based on the BMW OS 8.5 operating system and features a redesigned home screen with function icons arranged vertically on the driver’s side. The “QuickSelect” function allows direct access to functions without having to go through a submenu. This means that the system has received an improved menu structure, geared towards devices in the consumer electronics sector.

The new BMW iDrive is also combined with the BMW Curved Display and the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. It is systematically designed to be used using a touch screen and natural language. In addition, the new BMW 5 Series Touring also has buttons on the steering wheel and the BMW iDrive controller on the center console. The optional BMW Live Cockpit Navigation Pro includes the BMW Head-Up Display and augmented reality on the control screen or instrument cluster. The BMW Natural Interaction option is also available to control functions using gestures.

The BMW OS 8.5 operating system of the new BMW 5 Series Touring is supplemented by a range of specific online services. Access to YouTube and video streaming are possible with international and country-specific content for broadcast on the control screen, as is an innovative form of on-board video games with the AirConsole platform. The driver and passengers can play so-called casual games when the vehicle is stationary, for example to fill waiting times while the BMW i5 battery is charging. The new BMW iDrive also makes it possible to use an innovative form of in-car games with the AirConsole platform.

The new BMW 5 Series Touring is equipped with two 5G mobile phone antennas as standard and four as an option. This ensures optimal reception for telephony and online services. Standard equipment also includes optimized smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. The standard Personal eSim fully integrates the vehicle into the customer’s digital ecosystem. Thanks to the remote update function, the new BMW 5 Series Touring always stays up to date with the latest software. It is also possible to test and re-reserve selected functions in the BMW ConnectedDrive Store.

Prices, finishes and M Sport Edition on the BMW i5 eDrive40.

The BMW 520d, 520d xDrive and i5 eDrive40 are available on two finish levels (standard equipment and M Sport finish).

In addition, the BMW i5 eDrive40 can also be ordered with a new M Sport Edition. This M Sport Edition takes all the equipment from the M Sport finish and adds metallic paint as well as Drive Assist Plus active cruise control, thus offering a customer benefit of €3,350.

The BMW i5 M60 xDrive is available in a single finish.