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Gabriele Torelli uncompromising at home

Gabriele Torelli intraitable à domicile
Gabriele Torelli uncompromising at home

Gabriele Torelli uncompromising at home

Winner on Saturday at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Gabriele Torelli (Rangoni Corse) did it again on Sunday after a breathtaking battle pitting him against Anthony Jurado (Milan Compétition), David Pouget (GPA Racing) and Nicolas Milan (Milan Compétition ). Thanks to this cool-headed success against the French trio, the Italian consolidates his lead in Clio Cup Europe and Clio Cup Mid-Europe. At the same time, Julien Baziret (Baziret Sport) and Marc Fleurance (T2CM) won honors in Challengers and Racers Cups.

Gabriele Torelli intraitable à domicile

On Sunday afternoon, Gabriele Torelli took pole position after dominating the qualifying session held on Friday at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. On a grid bringing together forty-nine Clio Cups, the Italian started in front of Anthony Jurado and kept the lead at the start despite the attempts of his rival while Luca Franca (MC Motortecnica) was surprised by David Pouget and Cristian Ricciarini (Essecorse) .

In a lively peloton with only one victim on the first lap in Alex Lancellotti (Faro Racing), Anthony Jurado continued his offensive, but Gabriele Torelli did what was necessary in the braking phases to stay in the lead. At the same time, Cristian Ricciarini lost his fourth place by shooting straight at the first chicane before the safety car made an intervention after the accident at the Variante Ascari between Tim Gabor (GM Sport) and Jacopo Giuseppe Cimenes (Essecorse) , penalized for his responsibility in the collision.

When the debates resumed, Anthony Jurado took advantage of Gabriele Torelli’s slipstream to take first position in the Rettifilo chicane under the eyes of David Pouget. The latter then managed to get between the two men on the seventh lap before Nicolas Milan imitated him a loop later, but the hierarchy changed again after Anthony Jurado’s slight heat at the Variante Ascari.

In turn, David Pouget tried to break the aspiration of his pursuers, but he lost to Gabriele Torelli after a magnificent duel in the Curva Grande. This maneuver proved decisive since the race ended under the safety car regime after Ivan Mandić (Tempo Racing Team) collided with Rene Steenmetz (Cherfo Sport) at the entrance to the Variante Ascari.

Gabriele Torelli then sealed his double on home soil against his French rivals David Pouget and Nicolas Milan. Relegated to seventh position after his mistake, Anthony Jurado moved up to fourth place ahead of Jerzy Spinkiewicz (Uniq Racing) and Julien Baziret, victorious among the Challengers. Thanks to the collision caused by Luca Franca on Tomas Pekar (Carpek Racing) in the last lap under green flag, the Challengers Mattia Lancellotti (Faro Racing), Alejandro Schimpf (AST Competition), Giacomo Trebbi (MC Motortecnica) and Adrian Schimpf ( AST Competition) completed the top ten in that order. Finally, Marc Fleurance won among the Racers ahead of Alessandro Alcidi (Tuder Motorsport) and his teammate Sébastien Gehin (T2CM).

At the end of this weekend which brought together more than 30,000 spectators, Nicolas Milan and David Pouget are now tied on points at the top of the Clio Cup Series while Gabriele Torelli climbs into third place on his first appearance of the season . Fourth, Adrian Schimpf is the best ranked Challenger while Luca Franca is the best Racer, occupying fifteenth place.


By winning ahead of David Pouget and Nicolas Milan, Gabriele Torelli carried out a perfect operation since the Italian leaves Monza at the top of the general classification with the maximum points at stake this weekend. Sixth, Julien Baziret won the Challengers Cup to come within three points of leader Mattia Lancellotti, second today ahead of Alejandro Schimpf. At the same time, Andrea Chierichetti (MC Motortecnica) inherited victory in the Racers Cup against Benjamin Cauvas (GPA Racing) and Daniele Pasquali (Tuder Motorsport) to move equal on points at the head of the category with Luca Franca.


Among the competitors entered in Clio Cup Italia, Jerzy Spinkiewicz took the lead from Luca Franca on the eighth lap before winning ahead of Challengers Mattia Lancellotti and Giacomo Trebbbi. Fourth, Cristian Ricciarini retains the reins of the general classification while Alessandro Brigatti (Progetto E20 Motorsport) completed the Challenger Cup podium, still led by Mattia Lancellotti. Among the Racers, Alessandro Alcidi won against the new leader, Sandro Cutini (Faro Racing), and Due (Oregon Team).


Gabriele Torelli also achieved a solid success in the Clio Cup Mid-Europe by winning again ahead of Anthony Jurado and Challenger Julien Baziret, double winning among the Challengers by ahead of Guillaume Maio (GM Sport) and Nikola Miljkovic (Tempo Racing Team). At the same time, Sébastien Gehin dominated the proceedings in the Racers Cup, where he holds the lead.

The next meeting of the Clio Cup Series will take place at the Circuit Nevers Magny-Cours from May 5 to 7. The event will count towards the Clio Cup France and Clio Cup España before the Spa-Francorchamps round, where the Clio Cup Europe, Clio Cup France, Clio Cup Italia and Clio Cup Mid-Europe will meet from May 26 to 28.