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100% electric retrofit kit approved for the Renault 5

kit rétrofit 100 % électrique homologué pour la Renault 5
Enthusiasts can now order their 100% electric retrofit kit approved for the Renault 5

100% electric retrofit kit approved for the Renault 5

Renault, a leading brand in electric vehicles, and R-FIT, a pioneer and expert in the retrofit conversion of vintage vehicles, have joined forces to offer 100% electric retrofit kits for the brand’s iconic vehicles. Already available for the Renault 4L, it is the turn of another icon, the Renault 5, to benefit from a 100% electric conversion kit.

The 100% electric retrofit kits allow enthusiasts to drive their classic vehicle while combining driving pleasure, savings and reliability. Once the conversion is made, operating and maintenance costs are reduced. The vehicle has approval and registration certificates allowing it to be driven everywhere, particularly in low-emission mobility zones (ZFE-m).

The 100% electric retrofit kit for the Renault 5 is approved on the R5 TL or GTL, 3 or 5 doors (types 139700 and 122700).

It is available to order in France from R-FIT ( from €15,900 incl. VAT1 (installation included).

Two retrofitted vehicles, Renault 4 (approved since February 2023) and Renault 5 (approved since September 2023), will be found at the Epoqu’Auto show on the stand The Originals Renault – La Collection, a living collection, preserved, maintained and operated by Renault . On site, visitors will be able to discover the offer and place an order on the R-FIT stand.

The 100% electric retrofit kit for Twingo will be offered in a second phase, still for the French market.

Technical sheet for the 100% electric retrofit kit for the Renault 5:

Original mechanical transmission preserved
Synchronous brushless motor
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePo)
Mass distribution very close to that of the thermal vehicle
Range of around 80 km
Full charge in 3h30 via a 16A – 220V socket
Electronic load gauge
10.7 kWh battery pack with a voltage of 105V
Motor power 22 KW
2 years warranty